Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering

Program Objectives

San Diego State University B.S. program in Computer Engineering offers courses that teach students to design and build computers and digital systems of all sizes, including:

  • Large systems that predict the weather, recreate physical systems and environments (virtual reality), and handle banking and airline reservations,
  • Tiny computers that are inside automobiles, appliances, CD players, and cellular phones, and
  • Personal computers used in offices and homes everywhere.

Computer engineers also design and develop the programs that control these computers.

The computer engineering program provides a balance between theory and practice that prepares graduates for both immediate employment and continued study.

Teaching Methodology

Engineering design is the focus emphasized throughout the curriculum. Major design projects during the senior year focus on creativity, consideration of economic and social factors, and applying systematic design procedures.

In addition to the fundamental courses, students may enroll in a variety of professional electives. Among these are courses that explore Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) circuits; multimedia systems that process audio and visual information and text; computer networks; and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which plays an important role in compressing and processing large volumes of information.

All students are required to participate in a “Capstone design” course that emphasizes teamwork, consideration of economic and social factors, oral and written communication and creative thinking.

Career Opportunities

STEM enabled job opportunities and careers include High Tech sectors such as: Biotechnology, Mobile and communications and Telecommunications technologies, Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Intelligent transport systems, Space applications, Aerospace, Astronomy mining, Geographic information systems, Remote monitoring and action for food production, Forensic Sciences and criminology, Military and defense systems, etc.

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