Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Program Objectives

San Diego State University B.S. program in Computer Science is designed to provide students a fundamental understanding of modern computing methodology and programming practices along with a complementary knowledge of hardware. Computer Science includes a wide variety of specialties and application areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, graphics, systems programming, simulation, and computer networks.

The computer science program provides a balance between theory and practice that prepares graduates for both immediate employment and continued study.

Teaching Methodology

The first two years provide the basic preparation in programming, data structures and architecture. The final two years are devoted to more advanced fundamentals and specialized electives such as computer architecture, UNIX system administration, and programming languages.

Career Opportunities

Computing technology is found in an almost limitless number of settings, ranging from automobiles to household appliances to toys. Because of this, a wide range of jobs are open to people trained in Computer Science.

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