Mr. Ronny Solberg

CEO Anaklia Development Consortium

Mr. Ronny Solberg was appointed as the CEO of Construction Management in Anaklia Development Consortium in August 2017. Mr. Solberg has 20 years of experience as CEO in various industrial business and construction projects. He started his career as an officer in the Norwegian Royal Navy on various types of vessels as Chief Engineer.

He has been CEO for DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems in Norway, developing high-speed trains, CEO for Clemens Kraft, developing hydropower projects. Starting in 2015, he has been heading Adjaristsqali as CEO constructing one of the largest hydropower plants in the country with an investment of 416 million USD. Mr. Solberg holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Norwegian Technical University and Bachelor’s degree in finance from Trondheim Economic University.