Date: 2021-11-09

American Chemical Society Awards 2021

2021 has become a special year for ACS Georgia International Chapter and ACS Georgian Student Chapter as both organizations received ACS Community Recognition Awards: “ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Global Partnership” - ACS Georgia International Chapter and “Outstanding Award” for ACS Georgian Student Chapter.

Among the Outstanding Chapters of 2021 is ACS Georgian Student Chapter, founded by San Diego State University-Georgia students. The award was based on the following implemented projects: The First Inter-University Chemistry Olympiad (IUChO); Intellectual Chemistry Game “What, Where, When?”; Marie Curie movie night and trivia; Outreach program - creating a periodic table website for “IAC Global Innovation Grant”.

SDSU Georgia’s ACS Student Chapter received an ACS recognition last year as well. ACS Student Chapter is one of the several official student organizations at SDSU Georgia, actively engaged in promoting Chemistry as a field of study around Georgia. Learn more about SDSU Georgia’s ACS Student Chapter here: