Date: 2021-01-13

Associated Student Board Activities

The Associated Students Board of Directors has been hard at work this past semester serving as the communication line between the SDSU student body and university administration. 

In addition to keeping their finger on the pulse of the student body and communicating their needs and ideas to staff for addressing, the AS Board has also assisted staff in following up with the Winter 2020 Virtual Learning Survey. They are working to create new initiatives to support students based on the needs indicated in the survey.

Civil Engineering program representative Nino Kacharava found a way for motivated CivE and ConE students to enrich their knowledge through a practical and hands-on initiative. Kacharava organized a mini-course in Autodesk Revit, a modeling software for civil and construction engineering professionals. The course, which will be conducted by experts in the program, will give participants an overview of the software and demonstrate examples of its practical applications in their future careers.

With another semester of virtual learning upcoming and the stress of working under lockdown conditions, the AS Board is also busy planning events and intellectual games for the upcoming semester to boost morale and positivity among the SDSU Georgia student community.