Date: 2020-11-17

Faculty Orientation Prepares Lecturers for Online Teaching

In addition to the Flex Faculty Training hosted by SDSU to prepare faculty for the switch over to the Canvas online learning software, faculty at SDSU Georgia attended a separate virtual Faculty Orientation to help prepare them for the challenges of teaching in a fully online environment and the requirements and regulations in place for in-person lab courses. 

Because courses for this academic year have been limited to an online medium, with the exception of only a few laboratory courses, the orientation covered online communication methods and tools for improving digital learning, in addition to a refresher on student and faculty rights and responsibilities.

Faculty also learned about campus repopulation plans and the rules imposed by the government for safe in-person laboratory classes. This training was prepared in tandem with an updated faculty handbook which contains specific information about the restrictions in place for COVID-19 for their reference.

The orientation was held over two sessions and moderated by Associate Dean Dr. Asfaw Beyene and SDSU professor Michael Saunders. SDSU Georgia Dean Halil Güven presented, as well as other members of staff to ensure that the SDSU Georgia faculty had all the information they needed to have a successful academic year.