Date: 2021-01-13

SDSU Georgia Awards Two Finalists at Millennium Innovation Awards

On December 29th, the Millennium Foundation hosted the sixth annual Millennium Innovation Awards (MIA). MIA is a nationwide competition for Georgian students between the ages of 13-18 that promotes STEM education and innovations among the Georgian youth. 

MIA is designed to foster innovative ideas and raise interest and awareness about STEM disciplines. Georgian youth are encouraged to think innovatively and the winners are matched with successful scientists and partners in the business sector, promoting partnership and knowledge sharing.

Students form teams and submit innovative projects in any one of the following STEM fields: Space and Aviation, Robotics, Mobile Technologies and Applications, Environment, Healthcare, and Nutrition. 

The projects are evaluated by a panel of judges. The first-place prize is a trip to the United States to participate in NASA’s Space Center University summer camp. The second and third place are also invited to participate in international STEM programs.

SDSU Georgia Dean Halil Güven joined the virtual event to award two special prizes to the finalist teams Iokos and Inventas. The student participants from these teams were awarded a cash prize from SDSU Georgia to purchase technological equipment that will further their STEM education.

In his speech at the ceremony, Dean Güven said, “We are proud to be a part of the Millennium Innovation Awards from the beginning. This year, covid or no covid, innovations must go on… Inventions, innovations, and new ideas are the wealth of a country. Growth comes with innovations… We thank Millennium Foundation for continuing to sponsor this very important event.”

You can watch the live ceremony here.