SDSU Georgia student chosen to work as software developer intern at Facebook


SDSU Georgia student Luka Lomtadze will work as a software developer intern at Facebook's headquarters. Lomtadze was selected from 250,000 applicants and was invited to work at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley this summer. He is the first SDSU Georgia student to earn a position in the social media giant’s internship program.

Kutaisi native Lomtadze is a junior in the SDSU Georgia Computer Engineering program who is currently spending an exchange year at SDSU’s main campus in California. Lomtadze decided to apply for Facebook’s most challenging internship program shortly after arriving to California. His path to success was met by two technical interviews conducted by Facebook to test his abilities in finding optimal solutions for software issues.

“I started programming in 5th grade and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, my utmost goal was to get a job in the world’s biggest software companies and did my best to bring my skills to the needed level. For the past six years, I initiated eight software startups, out of which I am currently running two of them back in Georgia,” Lomtadze said, noting that the Facebook recruiter mentioned that he would be able to meet Mark Zuckerberg in Menlo Park. The internship program is extremely competitive, with a very small percentage of applicants hired. “I was asked various technical questions in order for the company to explore the details of my work experience. I finished both interviews before the allocated time was up, and after this step, the only thing remaining was for me to be patient and wait for the results,” said Lomtadze.


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