Date: 2020-11-17

SDSU Georgia Students Attend Virtual Education Training

During the week of August 24-28, the SDSU Georgia student body attended a Virtual Education Training to prepare for the Fall 2020 semester. With the exception of selected face-to-face labs, the upcoming semester is being held entirely online. The Virtual Education Training was designed to help students prepare for a virtual semester.

The students who attended learned about the virtual tools and resources that are available to them through the university, which they can utilize throughout the course of the semester including online learning platforms and online technical assistance. 

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about stress management in an academic setting from Psychologist and Executive Coach Tamar Tandashvili, who conducted two engaging and practical presentations. SDSU Georgia Associate Dean Dr. Asfaw Beyene also joined the training to highlight student rights and responsibilities and they may be effectively exercised as a student of the University.

Tiko Babalashvili, a junior at SDSU Georgia, said “When we started studying online in March, it was unexpected and difficult. Now, we have gained new and useful skills, we adapted and are ready to get an education from home."