Dean’s Welcome

Fall 2020

San Diego State University came to Georgia in 2015, with an objective to target the critical shortage of STEM professionals, educated to current international standards. SDSU’s presence in Georgia produced first graduates in 2019, most of them received academic honors, competitive offers, and admission to graduate programs at top universities in the world.

This spring, we have brought 86 more highly qualified professionals to the workforce. Despite the restrictions associated with the world pandemic, a lot of our 2020 graduates have managed to continue their graduate studies at different universities around the world, including San Diego State University, Université Côte d'Azur, Nice, France, and our partner universities in Tbilisi, Georgia. More than 50% of the 2020 graduates have found employment at the local job market as well.

Despite the hardships associated with virtual classes, Spring 2020 academic performance has been outstanding. At the end of the semester, 298 students are on the Dean’s List, which is 67% of our student population. I want to congratulate our best and brightest students on this achievement. We should all acknowledge the hard work they have put into their studies in these difficult times. I firmly believe their efforts will be invaluable in their future endeavors.

We want to thank again the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the U.S.A., the Millennium Challenge Account Georgia, the Government of Georgia, and our Public Private Partnership Fund donors for their support. It is due to their contribution that our students were able to utilize this unique opportunity to acquire a U.S. degree and enter the competitive job market with great success. With the help of our partners, SDSU Georgia continues working with its partner universities to build capacity and to ensure the sustainability of the STEM initiative in Georgia. We would also like to congratulate our partner universities for their continuous success in making considerable progress with the International Accreditation of their Engineering and Science programs in Georgia.

I also want to congratulate the SDSU Georgia community on our virtual wins over the semester in quarantine. We have all made exemplary efforts to stay connected and to face the new challenges. I want to thank our partners, SDSU Georgia staff, faculty, and students who have all shown their resilience in the face of these unfamiliar difficulties. Together, we have found unique ways to work and connect with our communities while taking care of our mental health and well-being and staying efficient and productive as ever.


Halil Guven


SDSU Georgia