Dean’s Welcome

SDSU Georgia is a small but principal part of the SDSU Aztec community, with a 125-year history of providing academic excellence, student success and groundbreaking research. Since 2019, when SDSU Georgia graduated the first group of STEM professionals, our alumni numbers keep growing, and the success multiplies. This year, the collective journey of our community continues with 160 more graduates, bringing the total number of outstanding alumni educated to current international standards to above 400. These exceptional graduates continue establishing themselves professionally at the top universities and organizations all over the map, determined to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.

One of SDSU Georgia’s objectives was to improve human capital in critical STEM fields in Georgia. With the ardent support of all our friends and partners, we will have more than 500 STEM professionals at the end of 2023. These gifted professionals are the best manifestation of all our efforts and support.

As a capacity building objective, SDSU has brought a novelty of ABET and ACS accreditation to Georgia. All programs transitioned to the Georgian public universities will meet SDSU standards for curriculum, faculty training, and accreditation. The notable success of Tbilisi State University in accrediting two of its programs has been since reflected in the increased international rankings. Ilia State University is now utilizing the new STEM building constructed through our partnership. All three partner universities are coordinating their efforts for the internationalization goals. SDSU and the three partners are also working to explore additional opportunities for the continued sustainability of the program achievements.

I want to thank our partners, SDSU Georgia staff, faculty, and students who continue striving for the better future of Georgia. Together, we have found unique ways to work and connect with our communities while taking care of our mental health and well-being and staying as efficient and productive as ever.

Halil M. Güven


SDSU Georgia