Starting from 2015, SDSU has offered its STEM Bachelor of Science degree programs in Georgia at three state partner universities - Georgian Technical University (GTU), Ilia State University (ISU), Tbilisi State University (TSU).

SDSU Georgia welcomed last cohort in 2019 and will work in Georgia until at least 2023 to graduate up to 600 specialists in STEM fields. All SDSU Georgia graduates receive both an American SDSU degree and a Georgian degree through their partner university.

Starting in 2020, U.S.-accredited programs will be transitioned to partner universities in Georgia and Georgian partner universities will continue to offer the same high quality STEM programs individually as they currently offer in partnership with SDSU Georgia. All programs listed are undergoing review to ensure they meet the same American industrial and educational standards as current partnered programs. SDSU will continue to collaborate with its partner universities to ensure the delivery of exceptional programs and American-style education in Georgia.

For any information on enrollment and to receive a consultation about degree programs at SDSU Georgia partner universities, please contact SDSU Georgia Recruitment office:

Center for International Education (CIE)

10 Chovelidze str.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel/Fax: (995 32) 225 26 15