6 11, 2017

SDSU Georgia to hold annual STEM Academy

By | 6 November, 2017|

SDSU Georgia is organizing a one-day STEM Academy for prospective students interested in Chemistry-Biochemistry. Through presentations, discussions and practical exercises, you will have multiple opportunities to learn from and with SDSU faculty/administrators and your fellow students. The STEM Academy will be held on November 18, 2017 at Tech Park in cooperation with Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). The lectures at the STEM Academy will be delivered by distinguished faculty from San Diego State University in English language. All participants will be awarded with, a special certificate from San Diego State University. All expenses connected to the STEM Academy are covered by SDSU Georgia [...]

6 10, 2017

San Diego State University held special seminars for high school students interested in STEM

By | 6 October, 2017|

On October 5, 6 and 7, SDSU Georgia held series of seminars - STEM academy for 12th graders interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields in three cities Batumi, Kutaisi and Zugdidi throughout Georgia. STEM Academy is designed to raise students' awareness and knowledge on STEM subjects and prepare them for success in the university studies. Within STEM Academy professors from the US, San Diego State University delivered lectures to the students. Participants learned about the latest findings and achievements in the field of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and engineering, as well as the US Higher Education System, the importance of international accreditation and [...]

11 09, 2017

San Diego State University Georgia hosted the Convocation Ceremony 2017 in Tbilisi

By | 11 September, 2017|

On September 11, San Diego State University in Georgia hosted its official Convocation Ceremony to mark the start of the new academic year and accept new students to its programs. The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Vice Prime Minister – Aleksandre Jejelava, U.S. Ambassador to Georgia – Ian C. Kelly, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Deputy Regional Vice President – Fatema Sumar, and MCA Georgia’s CEO – Magda Magradze. San Diego State University Provost Chukuka Enwemeka and a delegation of SDSU Deans were special guests of the event. The PROVOST addressed freshmen and congratulated [...]

23 02, 2017

Google HashCode – Tbilisi 2017

By | 23 February, 2017|

On February 23, Google Hash Code programming competition, takes place in Tbilisi, Georgia with cooperation of San Diego State University – Georgia, Georgian Technical University and Beeline. Giga Vashakidze, freshman of San Diego State University - Georgia, is the hub organizer. Google Hash Code is a team-based programming competition organized by Google for students and industry professionals. Google offers a real-life engineering problem to solve in real time. This year, 250 hubs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa were established. Teams from Georgia will able to join at SDSU-G hub. Hubs are a fun way for participants living in [...]

25 01, 2017

სან დიეგოს სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის ახალი აკადემიური პროგრამები საქართველოში

By | 25 January, 2017|

სამოქალაქო ინჟინერია სამოქალაქო ინჟინერია სწრაფად მზარდი პროფესიაა, შესანიშნავი კარიერული შესაძლებლობებით. სან დიეგოს სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის სამოქალაქო ინჟინერიის პროგრამა მრავალფეროვანი, საინტერესო, გამოწვევებით აღსავსე და მოქნილია. ინჟინერის სამუშაო უმთავრესად ინტელექტუალური, ცვალებადი და ნაკლებად რუტინულია, ამიტომაც, SDSU-ს პროგრამა საქართველოში ფოკუსირდება ზუსტ მეცნიერებებზე, მათემატიკასა და ინჟინერიაზე. პროგრამა მოიცავს სოციალურ და ჰუმანიტარულ მიმართულებებსაც, რადგან სამოქალაქო ინჟინერიის კურსდამთავრებულებმა უნდა შეძლონ საკუთარი გადაწყვეტილებების სოციალური და ეკონომიკური შედეგების გათვალისწინება. კარიერული შესაძლებლობები სამოქალაქო ინჟინერიის კურსდამთავრებულთათვის სხვა სფეროებთან ერთად შესაძლო კარიერული განვითარება გარემოს დაცვის და ტრანსპორტირების სფეროებში მოიაზრება. ამ დარგის სპეციალისტები ფართოდ მოთხოვნადია როგორც კერძო, ისე საჯარო სექტორებში, რომლებსაც სამოქალაქო ინჟინრების ახალი, კარგად მომზადებული თაობა ესაჭიროება. ჩვენი პროგრამები დაგეგმილია ისე, რომ [...]

16 11, 2016

Public Private Partnership Fund

By | 16 November, 2016|

San Diego State University in Georgia (SDSU) announced the launch of the Public – Private Partnership fund (PPF) at an event held in Marriott Tbilisi Hotel on Wednesday. The newly established Public Private Partnership (PPP) Fund has as its major goal to offer financial resources and American degree programs that are affordable for talented, successful, socially deprived young people through scholarships. The aim of the fund is also to use the financial resources gained from the public private partnerships for the development of students’ innovative projects and studies. Georgian students will also have the chance to participate in exchange visits [...]

28 09, 2016

SDSU Georgia Convocation 2016

By | 28 September, 2016|

San Diego State University Georgia held its first Convocation Ceremony on September 27. The event took place at the National Parliamentary Library and it was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Mr. Alexander Aleksandre Jejelava, H.E. Ian C. Kelly – US Ambassador to Georgia, Dr. Nancy Lee – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, MCC, Magda Magradze - CEO, MCA Georgia. Special delegation of the American professors from SDSU visited Georgia to greet and congratulate the new students. 127 students, among them 55 girls, were enrolled at San Diego State University Bachelor Programs in Georgia, in 2016. The [...]

13 07, 2016

International Chemistry Olympiad for students (IChO) to be held in Georgia

By | 13 July, 2016|

The 48th International Chemistry Olympiad 2016 will be hosted by Tbilisi this year. The Olympiad will be held from 23rd of July until 1st of August, attended by student delegations from up to 80 countries. IChO is the biggest, most famous international event among chemistry Olympiads. The organizational team is actively preparing for IChO-48. Georgian Ministry of Education and Science is cooperating with Ministries of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs and the Department of Tourism. Foreign participants and guests will be hosted by local students, who will serve as guides during the event. The schedule [...]

11 07, 2016

SDSU Students in Georgia

By | 11 July, 2016|

Tbilisi State University hosted a summer school – “Georgia: International Security and Conflict Resolution” for San Diego State University students. This is the second time the summer school takes place in Georgia. This year 22 students from the USA participated in the event organized by TSU Conflictology Institute. The American students will attend lectures of TSU professors, as well as experts, working in the conflict resolution and security fields. The topics of the lectures are: Georgia and regional politics; human rights in Georgia; Georgia’s relations with Russia, EU and the USA; energy independence of Georgia, etc. Apart from the academic [...]

7 07, 2016

How I met the U.S. Secretary of State

By | 7 July, 2016|

Blog by Kesi Katsitadze, SDSU Georgia student When I learned about the upcoming visit of the US Secretary of State John Kerry to Georgia, I couldn’t imagine that I would have a chance to meet and talk to him in person. This opportunity was granted to me as I am a student of San Diego State University - Georgia. After the official meetings, at the end of the day, the Secretary met six young Georgian entrepreneurs, and I was among them. The meeting was informal, accompanied with Georgian traditional food and wine. Mr. Secretary made a toast and wished good [...]

10 06, 2016


By | 10 June, 2016|

June 10, 2016 was not a typical school day for Nino Grigalashvili, the San Diego State University Georgia’s student. Nino got up earlier than usual that morning, dressed up formally, printed out more than 40 copies of her resume and appeared at hotel Radisson Blu Iveria exactly at 2 pm with one aim in her mind – to meet and present her skills to as many companies working in her field as possible. “Even though I have been working for Educare Georgia, and have had experience of a job interview, still I was a bit worried, I have never ever [...]

10 06, 2016


By | 10 June, 2016|

San Diego State University Georgia organized its first annual Internship Fair for its students. More than 40 companies attended the fair and met with SDSU G students studying STEM fields. Students had a chance to meet their future employers, gather information about their sectors of interest, set up further meetings and interships. About 40% of the students found summer job/internships at the Fair. Since 2015 San Diego State University Georgia, with its partners, offers the US BS degree programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Chemistry/Biochemisty. SDSU Georgia accepted a unique group of students – youngsters [...]

10 06, 2016


By | 10 June, 2016|

On June 10, at 14:00 pm the Vice Prime Minister of Georgia/Minister of Energy of Georgia, Kakha Kaladze, the Executive Director of Millennium Challenge Account, Magrda Maghradze, and the Dean of San Diego State University – Georgia, Ken Walsh, signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the hotel Radisson in Tbilisi. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was also signed by the largest companies in energy industry in Georgia: JSC Electricity System Commercial Operator, JSC Georgian State Electrosystem, Energotrans Ltd., JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, and JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia. The MOU aims at creating a cooperation platform for the largest energy companies [...]

8 06, 2016


By | 8 June, 2016|

San Diego State University in the United States in collaboration with Tbilisi State University, Georgian Technical University and Illia State University has started undergraduate programs in engineering and natural sciences (STEM) since 2014. General Education is one of the main components of the university curriculum. San Diego State University professor Eniko Csomay, the head of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages department, visited Georgia to strengthen the component of general education for SDSU – Georgia students. She will select a group of Georgian professors who will be trained in general education in the United States. Professor Csomay talked with Liberali about [...]

6 06, 2016

STEM Academy June 2016

By | 6 June, 2016|

San Diego State University held its annual STEM Academy events on June 4-5 at Tech Park (GITA). The two day seminar was attended by up to two hundred 12th graders who were officially greeted by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Alexander Jejelava, SDSU Georgia Dean Ken Walsh, MCA CEO Magda Magradze, MCC country director Jenner Edelman and the director of the Georgian National Museum Dr. David Lordkipanidze. This two day seminar was designed to prepare prospective students for success in the university studies and raise their awareness and knowledge on STEM subjects and introduce them to SDSU [...]

25 04, 2016

STEM Academy April 2016

By | 25 April, 2016|

San Diego State University held its annual STEM Academy events on April 23-24 at Tech Park (GITA). The two day seminar was attended by up to two hundred 12th graders who were officially greeted by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Tamar Sanikidze, SDSU Georgia Dean Ken Walsh, MCA CEO Magda Magradze, MCC country director Jenner Edelman. The students were excited to hear about new developments in technological and scientific fields. “I especially enjoyed the lecture of Dr. Bill Tong about his inventions and use of the laser technologies in medical sphere” stated a prospective SDSU student. During [...]

22 04, 2016


By | 22 April, 2016|

On April 22, 2016 SDSU Georgia held the Advisory Board meeting. Members of the advisory board summed up the first Academic Semester and overall program progress. They also discussed SDSU Georgia students’ internship and employment opportunities and set specific plans for summer internships. Several board members expressed thorough interest in employing SDSU Georgia students and proposed summer internships for them. Board members had an opportunity to listen to several SDSU students who discussed their experience and future plans. At the end of the meeting SDSU awarded winners of the Student Photo Story Competition and presented winning photos to the board. [...]

2 03, 2016

Chemistry Lab Renovated

By | 2 March, 2016|

Chemistry lab at the Tbilisi State University was renovated as part of the partnership program between TSU and SDSU Georgia. The lab is equipped with the newest technology and offers the same opportunities for learning as the labs at the SDSU main campus. SDSU Georgia students will have a chance to develop their skills and earn practical knowledge at the highest quality facilities. During the partnership period, 1688 square meters of facilities were restored – among them 7 classrooms and 2 labs.

12 02, 2016

SDSU Georgia awards MIA finalists with Scholarships

By | 12 February, 2016|

MCA Georgia’s Millenium Innovation Awarads finalists – 11th and 12th graders from all over Georgia, presented their innovative projects at the contests’ final stage. The STEM projects of 10 finalist groups were displayed and evaluated by the professional committee. SDSU Georgia congratulated all finalists with their achievement and offered 50% scholarship awards to all 12th graders from the groups. “Last year, SDSU Georgia was chosen by a number of young innovators who achieved great success as SDSUG students. We want to encourage these finalists - the next generation of the young scientists and engineers to study at an American university [...]