Student Life

Enhance Your University Experience

Your SDSU Georgia university experience will begin with taking SDSU courses in classrooms located at one or more of our three partner institutions. Living near campus or being able to get to campus easily via public or private transportation will not only enable you to have easy access to your classes, but will also provide you with the opportunity to join campus activities, clubs, entertainment, and social events.

Across the partner universities you will find a wide range of student life activities that can enhance your overall university experience in many different ways. If you are looking for cultural activities, you might be interested in folk dancing, theater, choir, instrumental ensembles, or other local options. You might also be interested in building leadership skills and participating in self-government. If you are more athletically inclined, you can join a recreational football, basketball, volleyball, or rugby team.

SDSU actively promotes and supports student involvement in these kinds of extracurricular activities as part of the learning experience. Reach out to colleagues and friends to try the kinds of activities mentioned above or to pursue your hobby or create a new student academic or social club.

Extracurricular Activities

A number of great extracurricular activities are available in the area:

  • Arts & Cultural Events
  • Athletics
  • Shopping, Dining & Entertainment
  • Travel & Excursions

Arts & Cultural Events

If you haven’t heard of Georgian dancing, check it out on YouTube. There are many dance ensembles such as the Georgian National Ballet that perform year-round locally and around the world. George Balanchine, “the father of American ballet,” originally had the Georgian surname Balanchivadze. In Georgia ballet is a well-respected and popular form of dance. Other forms of dance available include; modern dance, Latin, waltz, hip-hop, break dance, etc. Joining any type of dance is easy and anyone with love of dance is welcome! Please contact the SDSU Georgia Administration Assistant at for more information and include specific information about your interest.


From modern pop songs to folk music, you can listen, play or sing anything. Tbilisi Opera House, Tbilisi State Conservatoire and many other establishments allow students to reach out and join singing or instrumental classes. Please contact the SDSU Georgia Administration Assistant at for more information and include specific information about your interest.


Theater is a key part of Georgian society. Classic plays from Shakespeare to Bugalkov are always available. Visit to get the latest updates on performances around the city. For those interested in performing or joining a theater club, please contact the SDSU Georgia Administration Assistant at for more information and include specific information about your interest.

Museums & Galleries

Museums and galleries are open to all and are located in different parts of Tbilisi. Check out the museums and galleries you may be interested in visiting.


You will feel right at home if you’re a soccer, rugby, or basketball fan, or if you enjoy water polo, ice skating, or many other sports that take place in Georgia. Soccer games are hosted at the Dinamo stadium where teams from all over the world come to compete. Rugby tickets are easy to get to watch phenomenal games. You can join a sport too! Please contact the SDSU Georgia Administration Assistant at for more information and include specific information about your interest.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

Georgian cuisine is delicious and available almost everywhere, from four-star restaurants on the riverside to homemade dishes found throught the city. Familiar fast-food chains like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin Donuts are located on every busy street.

Shardeni is the place to go for high-end restaurants that offer a wide variety of food and drink options. Live music, concerts and fairs are always nearby. Go to to get news and updates on the latest events.

Tbilisi Mall offers familiar shopping experiences with American and European brand shops. Shopping streets like Aghmashenebli, Chavachavadze, and Pekini are lined with shops and feature brands from around the world. Ordering online is also accessible through

Travel & Excursions

Georgia is a historically, culturally, and geographically rich country – ideal for the adventurer. There is a destination for every season, from winter in Gudauri to summer at the Martvili canyon. Explore the breath-taking mountains of Svaneti, ride horseback through Kazbegi, walk through the Prometheus Caves in Kutaisi, and visit the historical monasteries … everything is only a few hours away. Visit for more information on World Heritage sites. There are tourist and hiking groups that students are welcome to join. Please contact the SDSU Georgia Administration Assistant at for more information, and specify what you are interested in.

Study Abroad at SDSU in San Diego, California for a Semester or Year

SDSU Georgia students may study at SDSU in San Diego by paying the appropriate fees for study on campus for the fall and/or spring semesters of their junior year. Students choosing this option will have many opportunities to experience academic, social, and cultural student life in the United States, such as:

  • Engaging in research projects with other SDSU students and/or SDSU faculty.
  • Joining and participating in academic and social student clubs and organizations.
  • Participating in the Student Research Symposium.
  • Learning with and from SDSU’s diverse student population including international students from more than 50 countries around the world.
  • Attending cross-cultural activities on or near the SDSU campus.
  • Attending sporting events and musical/theater performances.
  • Joining the SDSU state-of-the-art Aztec Recreation Center that includes two large outdoor solar-heated swimming pools and tennis courts.
  • Living on campus, or in one of many approved off-campus apartments and housing facilities, or with an approved homestay family in their private home.

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